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    Why Construction Companies Should Have a Website

    Nowadays, any company that is not online is inconceivable. Even though many companies, both large and small, have realized the power of the Internet as a marketing tool to spread their business, that is no longer the case today.

    It’s astounding to learn that just 46% of small businesses have a website. The number seems perplexing when you consider people spend 6 hours in front of their computers every day. In fact, 41% of small business owners say they do not need a website for their company, implying that they are not aware of its benefits.

    As of 2021, there are 3,609,869 construction enterprises in the United States, up 2.7 percent from 2020. The industry is one of the fastest-growing in the country, and expense expenditures have surpassed 900 billion U.S. dollars. It is a tough place to live, so you have to fight hard to survive.

    The challenges that a construction company faces daily are typically due to unforeseen complexities that often arise on the job. A website is an asset (again, an asset) that you can control. Most importantly, construction companies have not adopted websites at the same rate. That is a point you can work on.

    Do you still believe your construction company doesn’t require a website? Here are eight reasons why you should focus on having a website for your construction business.


    Promoting Your Value

    A company’s website is its online identity. On the Internet, when people are talking about your business, your voice should dominate. Even if you enjoy a good reputation from word-of-mouth, you could be losing out on business from outside your circle of referrals because online reviews aren’t nearly as favorable.

    If you don’t have a website with testimonials from your clients, how will you get that $250,000 renovation project that asks for references? Do you really believe that your customer will invest that amount if you can’t at least invest in a website? How can your customer know if your company is really reliable? And of course, they will search for competitors…That has a website. Put your best foot forward. Websites are direct extensions of you.

    Nowadays it’s possible to get reviews automatically from other places like Home Advisor, Yelp, Google, Facebook, and many others. This way, all new reviews can be displayed inside of your website without any hassle. More advanced integrations can give you the chance to select reviews, avoid bad ones, and create a premium presentation.


    Obtain New Leads

    You can think of your construction website as an electronic business card. Nearly 97 percent of consumers search the Internet for information about local businesses. Contractors often create websites to educate homeowners about their services. A sales pitch, a business card, and a portfolio are all contained in the document.

    A well-designed website can serve your customers best. In order to encourage new clients, you should make your setup easy and intuitive. You will lose their interest if you make them look for something too hard.


    Develops Stronger Relationships With Customers

    Your website is not limited to acquiring new customers, but it can also be used to keep strong relationships with existing ones. Face-to-face interaction is the most effective way to build a lasting relationship, but people today do not have the time to meet face-to-face like they used to. Keeping in touch with your customers through your website is both quick and easy. It also eliminates the hassle of having to contact a customer service agency.

    Social media can work together. Most likely that users have some social media on their phones. You can have features such as Facebook Messenger chat, WhatsApp chat, Chatbots, advanced estimate forms, smart forms, and more, all directly on your website.


    Establishes Your Authority In The Industry

    You can establish your expertise on the Internet virtually endlessly. The best way to retain your reputable online reputation is to keep in touch, which can contribute significantly to your company’s marketing strategy. Here comes your business website.

    As a construction industry expert, you can brand yourself as an authority on the industry’s more complicated parts by helping consumers better understand them. Ensure that you take the time to educate your audience about the regulations that govern your industry. To potential clients, this demonstrates your trustworthiness. In a word, your business website can help you all the way to establish yourself as an expert in your construction industry.

    Content is the key for the long run. You must create content to be at the top on Google and Facebook. If you’re thinking to get a website or you need better results, optimize your construction website to be at the top positions of search engines. SEO has a huge ROI, it may take some months to see results, but it’s still indeed the best ROI strategy according to successful small business owners.


    Display Your Past Works

    Homeowners will want to view prior jobs you’ve done, and a photo gallery will enhance the number of leads your website generates. A captivating website for a house contractor allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition. It is important to include before-and-after photos to build trust with clients. So try to focus on it to create trust.

    Many times we integrate websites with social media. This way you only need to update your social media as you usually do. Let’s say you have an Instagram account. If you update your portfolio there, it will reflect your website portfolio too. No need to log in and post in several places all the time. There are also more advanced integrations that can make the gallery very personalized.


    Dealing With The Shortage of Labor

    The United States, in particular, has one of the most severe labor shortages in the world.

    Nonetheless, they still exist. Almost everyone performs a Google search on a firm before or during the application process. Build a website explaining to individuals why they should submit their talent.


    Get a Project Where You Want To Work

    Most construction companies complain that they have lots of projects and are confused about handling them all. The workforce is the issue here. When you can’t get more employees, you should increase the efficiency of the ones you already have.

    You guessed right. Technology is commonly used to make us more efficient, and it’s no different for businesses. Construction companies are using more and more technology not only in their day-to-day work but also to leverage their sales, customer support, and administrative duties.

    You can narrow down the geographical areas you want to work in by using targeted material on a Google-friendly website. You may use a customer portal where your clients can see their project progress and your team can administrate the whole thing. Combining these things with an efficient online scheduling tool allows you to make your five-person staff function as if it were ten.


    The Best Way to Market Yourself

    Effective marketing begins with a decent and professional website. It’s super easy to identify a poor-made amateur website and a professional high-standard one. Don’t be the owner of that website that we all access and click on the back button right away, or that website that we access and call our spouse to say “look at this, it’s going to be easy to beat them”. You need to be “findable”. You can’t even advertise on Google without one. Making it easy for prospects to reach out to you will boost your visibility and public profile. It allows the creation of a contact list that can be used for future outreach efforts. If you take care of and maintain your contractor website properly, you’ll be able to expand your construction company in the long run.


    Final Thought

    You could go on and on with the reasons why your construction company needs a professionally designed website, but these are just a few. If you operate a construction company and don’t have a website yet, we hope this article convinces you otherwise. Create an attractive, sales-focused, and professional website for your company’s online marketing expansion, and then get started. You are welcome to contact Webegin, an awarded agency and listed as one of the Top Construction Website Design Companies. If you have any questions or wish to speak with a free consultant regarding your current circumstances.