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    Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Pro for Website Maintenance

    So you have built your website. Congratulations!

    Everything may seem in top shape right now but websites are like cars. They need regular maintenance. If you have an eCommerce or a big system, you can think like a physical store or a big machine.

    There is a whole laundry list of tasks that must be performed to keep a website up and running smoothly. Among these tasks, the most time-sensitive thing is managing the website’s updates and implementing security patches. Hence, website maintenance is a full-time job and should be handled by a professional.

    Since a lot goes into managing a website and some maintenance tasks are regular, hiring a professional for website maintenance is the right decision. Here are some good reasons:


    1: Updates

    The customized codes, plugins, or third-party applications such as Instagram, Google Maps, Chats, and Booking systems installed on the website need updating as soon as a new version is out. These updates may contain new requirements, security patches, and sometimes new features to improve the performance of your website.


    2: Backup Website Data

    Every website owner knows the importance of backing up website data. This process must be performed daily. What if your website gets hacked or the server crashes and you don’t have a data backup in place? This means you have lost all precious data and you must build the website from scratch.

    On the other hand, if you had a professional in your team who was solely responsible for creating data backup, then restoring the website will be a piece of cake.


    3: Avoid Google Penalties

    Google doesn’t tell anyone before launching a new algorithm update. If your website is optimized as per Google’s new updates, it can be penalized. The penalty can be heavy!

    A website manager ensures your website is optimized after every new algorithm update and protects it from penalization.


    4: Fix Website Downtime or Crashes

    It’s really unpredictable when malware hits your website or due to an error, your website crashes up. If you are an eCommerce business, you can’t even afford to be offline for 30 minutes because you will be losing customers.

    If there is a designated person available to check the performance of your website, crashes like these won’t happen in the first place. But let’s say an error occurs, the professional will examine the website and identify the cause. Of course, you will still have to fix the problem. Although time and money will be lost, at least you can take an action right away and get your site up and running again.


    5: Keep the Site Secure

    No matter what type of website it is, a blog or a one-page eCommerce website, keeping it secure is imperative. After all, hackers are sitting in ambush to launch an attack on a website that has lose security.

    The website manager will ensure your site is updated and it’s secure. This person will also be responsible for monitoring your site for suspicious activities, set alerts, and fix all apparent security problems.


    6: Time is money

    If you have a simple solution and you are someone that likes to do things by yourself, you may be able to update it. But you definitely will spend some time learning and doing it. Take into consideration how much it worth your time and how much you can grow your business with this effort while a pro handles these tasks. Updates can be released every single day, do the math.

    In addition to that, you also should think about risks, processes (backups, code compare, and more), before running by yourself. The cost for a professional to fix something after it happened is much higher than the cost to maintain.


    Sometimes, even if you think you are doing everything right, things can go wrong. Better let an expert website manager take care of the health and performance of your site while you focus on the important business operations. Webegin is a five-star customer service company and has the maintenance service for different solutions. Get in touch today!

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