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    Tips for choosing influencers that fit with your brand

    When it comes to prospecting, we already know how important it is to have consistent and well-designed Content Marketing to reach the niche that interests us to sell. Still, other strategies can be very interesting when it comes to reaching more people, especially on social networks.

    And when we think about networks, it is inevitable to think of them: the influencers. As the name implies, they influence a large part of their audience to act, dress and consume like them, which leads us to understand the great potential of Influencer Marketing.

    Through this type of strategy, it is possible to reach different types of audiences, increasing brand awareness, and engagement and bringing in more leads. There are several possibilities to make your product seen by audiences that may be interested in it.

    But, how to choose the ideal influencers for your brand?



    The first step is to define what you want to bring with the influencer association with your brand: Brand Awareness? Traffic to your website? Sales?

    If, for example, your goal is awareness, that is, to get the name of your brand or product to as many people as possible, if possible, it is nice to study the names of influencers with a high digital reach (large volume of followers and good engagement), even if they are not exactly in your niche. Have you ever seen “pubs” of influencers using products or showing tools as if they really used them in their daily lives? This brings great brand recognition.

    Just be careful not to choose influencers with positioning or behaviors that may contradict your brand message, ok?

    Now, if you have conversion as an objective, the ideal is for the influencer to be in the same niche as your product/brand because his audience connects with exactly what you want to sell.



    When we think of a campaign with influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is the media kit of the influencer, that is, the material with all the values of publications (between feed, stories, reels, etc).

    However, sometimes we fail to account for some extra values that we may have along the way, such as you may need a team to monitor the results and bring campaign reports, or you may also need a paid tool to find influencers more easily. Always remember to organize the entire campaign in advance to know what costs you may encounter.

    It is also important to remember that the greater the circle of the person’s followers, the greater their relevance in their environment, which should also increase the costs of their publications.



    Knowing what your goal will be for a campaign, it’s easier to define what you’ll need to analyze during and after its completion.

    Each type of objective should bring different results. For example, if your goal was conversion, it’s important to analyze whether your sales increased during the campaign. It is even possible to keep track of the link published by the influencer to know which sales came from their publications.

    Define metrics and report to know if the campaign brought the results you expected.

    Like any type of Marketing campaign, Influence Marketing also only works with lots of strategy and planning. So, research very well about the influencers you want to work with, have good communication, and respect the work of all of them or hire an agency to do this work for you.

    If you perhaps need someone to take care of your influencer campaigns including everything you need, tools, research, contact, contract, measuring, reports, and so on. Contact Webegin, we are here to help with your influencer campaigns!