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    Steps to Integrate Google Sheets API 

    Steps to Integrate Google Sheets API

    There are few ways to connect the API. We request two outputs right now: Service file and API Key.

    These are the following steps that you need to follow for successful integration

    Turn on the Google Sheets API and get credentials for your project.

    1. Visit
    2. Create a new project if you don’t have one or if you don’t want to mix it with a project that you already have
    3. Tap on Enable APIs And Services
    4. Search for Google Sheets API
      Text written in white and grey background
    5. Enable it
      Text written in grey background
    6. Now tap on Create Credentials
      Text written in white background
    7. Use these settings and click on next
    8. Use these settings, you can add any name
    9. Click on – Create and continue
    10. Now use these settings
    11. Click in Done
    12. Edit the Service Account created
    13. Go to the top tab “Keys” and click to “ADD KEY”, select JSON type
    14. A file will be downloaded after clicking continue to rename it to credentials.json
    15. Send the file to us and telling which email was used
    16. Create a google spreadsheet and share it with us
    17. Go back to your Credentials and under “+ Create credentials”, create an API Key
    18. Copy the number and send it to us
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