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    Is it worth investing in Influencers?

    Have you ever wondered how much a digital influencer costs or if that really brings results?


    For many, many years, small and medium businesses have made their products or services available through print media such as newspapers and magazines. Some others, with more capital, have come to invest in television commercials, sponsorships, or larger events. There are many options available today, each with a type of communication, an audience and a cost. One of the most commented nowadays is Influencer. A digital influencer is 92% more reliable than an ad, did you know that?


    Who are the influencers?

    Digital influencers are people like any other, who expose themselves on social networks without fear and show their opinions with passion, in different niches you can imagine, from kitchen to video game.

    Picture of Crobox


    They are successful by old concepts of psychology and marketing. As we said before, influencers are people, human beings, who have feelings, opinions, desires and everything that you also have, and this creates a connection with your audience. Transmitting his personality with passion in a certain segment, a relationship of credibility is built between the influencer and the subject. As well as celebrities, triggers like attraction are also used to boost results.


    Influencers market statistics

    The growth of influencers in recent years has increased rapidly, and we can see this by the amount of searches made for that channel’s search, and by other statistics , a growth of more than 300% and more than 200 new companies focused on that market from 2015 to here. A research done by Influencer Marketing Hub based on other sources shows that the sales channel that has been growing the most is the digital influencer, 28% versus only 11% of paid search like Google Adwords. This reinforces that this channel is not only popularizing and entering the culture of the companies, but really bringing results. Every $ 1 invested in them has an average return of $ 7.65. With an expressive return like this, more than 50% of these companies plan to increase their investment in this sales channel. Based on a few hashtags, it has been estimated that more than 24 million posts were sponsored in 2018.



    Looking at the side of the tool, Instagram has been the most widely used. Also with huge growth each year, Instagram beats the other social networks in engagement, and this makes the tool very attractive at the point of investment for companies.


    No wonder that many children’s dream is no longer to be an astronaut , a doctor or soccer player, they want to be a digital influencer, doing something they like. The amount of digital influencers grows every day, as well as the power of its influence on its followers. The numbers do not lie, it is an investment that can make your company generate more sales from the credibility and social proof, and if you have a company and have not invested in them, think well since the price only tends to increase!


    Based on the study of the Influencer Marketing Hub

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