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    How to contact instagram? Discover the best ways

    If you ever needed to contact Instagram support, chances are you died on the beach. Just like any company that provides free services to more than 1 billion users, the social network does not seem to be able to handle all the demands that arise daily.

    Without a 100% available and open support service, many users who face serious problems (such as spam blocks or even hacked and suspended accounts) can spend months without knowing the best way to proceed.

    But not everything needs despair! In this article, we’ll show you that there are some easy ways to get in touch with Instagram. Keep reading to understand!

    Social networks are a means of communication that, in addition to informing, also entertain. However, some problems may arise during navigation, whether technical or even coming from some users, such as comments full of prejudice and hate speech – a situation that all platforms have been trying to combat.

    Instagram allows users to contact the social network to report problems on the platform. The feature, which can be accessed in the iPhone (iOS) and Android versions of the app, is an alternative to solving errors and embarrassing situations that may arise while using the app. The user can write a report about the problem, attach images from the library and use prints to illustrate what happened.

    The options for contacting Instagram are available in the app’s help settings, an alternative developed by the network itself for solving problems. Check below how to use the tool to end possible problems on Instagram.

    How to get in touch with Instagram

    O Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world with millions of active users. However, sometimes users may experience technical or privacy issues that need to be resolved by Instagram support.

    To shorten the user and Instagram relationship, the company has tools within the platform to listen to you, especially in these cases.

    If there is a problem with your profile, you may need to contact Instagram support.

    If you are unable to resolve your request, here you will find the step by step on how to get in touch with the support of the beloved social network.

    How to contact Instagram through the Help Center

    I know, I know. Carrying on a conversation via chat or phone is much easier than looking for answers in texts. But the truth is that many times, looking for solutions in the Help Center can solve your problem even faster than trying to contact Instagram.

    Access the link and type a term corresponding to your question in the search bar or navigate through the menus on the left side. The chances of your question being answered are high and the texts are super well explained. Worth the try!

    This is considered the best and most recommended way to contact Instagram support.

    In the Help Center you will receive a response to your query and, if the case still does not get a conclusive answer, you can use a contact form to access Instagram.

    Follow these steps to submit a support ticket to Instagram:

    1. Go to Instagram Help Center
    2. On the left side click on ‘Privacy and Safety Center’
    3. Then scroll down and click on “ Report something”
    4. Select the type of problem you need help with
    5. Look for a link that says “Report”
    6. Fill in the form and click “Send”.


    How to contact Instagram through the app

    One of the simplest ways to try to contact Instagram is through the application itself. Just follow these steps:

    1. Enter your profile settings;
    2. Click on the Help tab;
    3. Select the option Report a problem;
    4. Describe the problem you are facing in as much detail as possible. If necessary, insert an image to better illustrate the situation;
    5. Click Submit.