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    How Social Media Can Help Build Awareness For Your Construction Company

    In our current age, social media has become an inseparable piece in all facets of our lives. It has gone from being a simple way to connect with friends and family to a multipurpose tool for business growth and expansion. While certain types of businesses tend to have a greater response rate from online exposure, it is still an effective tool for your company.

    Construction is an area that doesn’t tend to garner a lot of public attention. Due to this, companies will often assume that investing in social media is not worth doing. However, social media is still a great tool to spread your company’s name and accomplishments. According to Buffer’s State of Social 2019, “Fifty-eight percent of marketers say social media is “Very important”, with 30 percent saying it’s “Somewhat important”. If we focus on construction, the Construction Marketing Association established a report in 2017 stating that 97% of construction industry professionals use social media.

    There is an estimate of 3.78 billion social media users worldwide in 2021. with the everyday consumer spending an average of 2.5 hours daily. Somewhere amongst those millions of users lies your target audience. This can be construction project managers, facilities managers, homeowners, business owners, entrepreneurs, and more. Social media allows you to target this large demographic much more efficiently than any other means. Establishing a digital presence allows you to cater to a much larger variety as well as address issues and concerns. You can understand modern trends and how to push your company in that direction.

    The Creative Construction Conference released a paper titled “The role of social media in the construction industry.” According to their analysis, 66% of surveyed individuals evaluated social media to be an effective tool for linking with clients. Your qualities and set goals are what determine your success, not the tool itself. Simply establishing an audience does not yield results; an effective social media marketing strategy should be taken into the utmost consideration. It is important to plan how you wish to approach social media and your goals and set outcomes.

    Employees are another great way to spread your company’s name and bring awareness. This way you will have a more personal relationship with future customers. Simply having them share information and news helps create a link that keeps forwarding the information to their own circle. From getting a better understanding of what your ideal buyer wants and needs to expanding your brand, social media marketing can produce high results for your construction company. People can see you as more trustworthy, especially when you consider how much people rely on online testimonies and information.

    Like many other niches, you need to have consistency when posting and giving important information without trying to sell anything. Content will give you the best ROI in a long run, and this applies to social media. You can share information about how it’s the construction process, how to fix something, how to make a place look good, a small DIY renew, a technique used by your team, a machine operation, and much more.

    Businesses like construction companies also rely on social media to show their work, being a big catalog of what they did and can do for the customers. I bet with you that your customer will look at your gallery before closing a deal. Make sure to have good pictures and have them updated.

    With ever-increasing attention towards the internet, social media is becoming more and more prevalent for businesses to use regardless of their fields. Construction may suffer from not being as widely interesting to the public, but a strong digital presence can help guide those who are looking to invest.