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    How can social media help increase your blog traffic?

    As you may know, companies have recently changed their ways of doing business a lot and have adopted the internet as an important mediator of this, especially social networks.

    This change occurred because many consumers started to live much more in the online environment, accessing social networks, delivery, and online sales sites.

    Bearing in mind that brands need to be where the public is, social networks began to be widely used by blogs of many segments.

    According to research, 47% of web users aged between 16 and 60 years, spent more time on these platforms in the year 2020 than in 2019, and that number only grows every day.

    With that in mind, social networks began to contribute to the increase in traffic to business blogs in the most varied sectors, from architecture companies to service providers.

    Therefore, the following article will present the importance of social networks for a blog and will list tips on how these channels can help increase traffic.


    Importance of social networks for your business blog

    Digital marketing for a blog through social networks is extremely important, and this relevance is growing every day. We have selected some advantages that show how important the use of social networks is for a business blog, check them out below:


    Increases brand visibility

    The main objective of companies that invest in blogs is to make their name and brand have much greater visibility than they already have.

    As they are channels with great potential to increase this visibility, social networks become very important in the strategies of companies.

    Through them, it is possible to promote advertisements that help publications arrive faster on your blog link, thus increasing the visibility of the brand.


    Builds relationship with the public

    The use of social networks also helps, in addition to increasing the visibility of the blog, to improve the relationship between the company and the clients.

    It is possible to know the public’s opinion and bring them closer, and this can be done through several communication channels. As:

    • Facebook;
    • Instagram;
    • Twitter;
    • LinkedIn;
    • Youtube;
    • TikTok.

    Bearing in mind the public’s opinions, it is possible to know topics of interest to improve the blog content, and by doing this, you could increase their chances of accessing the site again.


    Improves the relevance of the blog

    In this criterion, the most important thing is to work on the brand’s position in social networks, whatever the branch.

    The fact that the company appears itself in these channels will clearly influence how consumers perceive it in general. Therefore, creating strategies for the brand image is essential for the user to feel interested in visiting your blog.


    Improves engagement

    Social media engagement means blog traffic, after all, if customers are interacting on a company’s page they feel much more likely to consume more brand content.

    This behavior can happen in several ways, and they are stimulated through strategies such as mental triggers and other techniques.


    Builds a base of frequent access

    Social networks are essential to creating a base of frequent access to the blog. Thus, through insights, it is possible to create an action plan that attracts the public’s attention to maintain interest in the channel.

    With relevant content being posted frequently, they can, in addition to maintaining access to the blog, indicate them to friends who are also interested in the same subject.


    Tips to increase traffic to your blog

    After understanding the importance of social networks for a blog as it brings numerous benefits, let’s get to know some tips that can help increase traffic to this channel:


    1- Invest in the right keywords

    A fundamental step in the decision process to whether or not to buy a product is research. In addition to it, the references of the sites that have the product are very important, they can count on the opinions of experts, other buyers, or influencers.

    Bearing this in mind, it is necessary to analyze which keywords people will use to look for information about products and create content on the blog based on them, in order to clarify doubts and show your differentials.


    2- Publish trends

    The topics that are on the rise should be considered in these cases because in general, they will be what people will look for on social networks.

    Therefore, it is worth knowing the subject and bringing it into the context of what the blog proposes, with this, publications about it will attract many more readers to your blog.


    3- Create content video data

    Video content on Instagram, for example, is on the rise on the internet. Creating videos explaining relevant subjects where your product can help, can attract the user to want to know more about the subject and be redirected to the blog.


    4- Make publications frequently

    Staying active on social media helps to preserve the public’s interest in the texts published on your blog because they are reminded that every certain number of days, there are texts on new topics that may be relevant to their daily lives.


    5- Bet on link building

    Shares of link building are all about placing targeted links on your blog that direct the reader to other articles or even websites.

    This type of technique favors the organic ranking of search engines and contributes to the creation of interconnected content.


    6- Optimize SEO techniques

    Users of social networks do not always know what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization), but the person responsible for the company page must understand these techniques and use them to improve the results of access to the blog.

    The use of such effective strategies helps to create more targeted content and facilitate the achievement of the objective. You must create a checklist that has the step by step on how to make writing more attractive to the target audience.

    In addition, it must be guaranteed in these publications, the number of keywords, content division, good paragraph formatting, catchy titles, and other techniques to attract attention to the blog.


    7- Invest in interactive content

    It is already more than obvious that the quality of content on social networks is essential for increasing the sharing and traffic of a website or blog.

    In addition, invest in interactive content, as they help a lot with this, such as videos and polls, for example. This type of publication usually promotes audience interaction and attracts a more qualified audience.

    Interactive content has a huge potential for sharing and also increases the time spent not only on the social network but also on the blog.

    Well, if users have access to these publications, they will be more entertained and consequently won’t even see the time pass by reading or watching videos about the subject.


    8- Keep social media up to date

    With updated social media, it is possible to improve interaction with the public that accesses the blog, which improves the authority of the site in the subjects in which that works, becoming a reference in the market in this segment.

    Sharing blog content periodically is a very effective action, as it helps those forgetful readers to keep access to each new post, highlighting them. In addition to this, if you share more posts on social media correctly you will also get the benefit of backlinks too.

    Social networks have other means of dissemination, such as hashtags, which are essential to increase the visibility of a publication and, consequently, access to the blog, is possible to work well with these resources.

    Final considerations

    Now it’s time to put these tips into practice. Doing this, in addition to generating more visits to your blog, will increase the number of business leads from different channels.