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    E2 visa requirements, opening your business

    The E2 visa is a unique non-immigrant visa that a citizen of a treaty country—one with which the United States maintains a treaty of commerce and navigation, or with which the United States maintains a qualifying international agreement, or which has been designated a qualifying country by law—is eligible to enter the country under the E-2 nonimmigrant classification if they invest a sizable amount of money in a U.S. company. They can do this by purchasing an existing business or by investing in a brand-new startup company, as in building up their own brand. Therefore, coming to the US and having the chance to run and expand their own businesses there is a fantastic alternative for investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and others. But frequently, people are unsure of the kind of firm they want to invest in.


    For the treaty investor to be eligible for E-2 categorization, they must:

    Be a citizen of a nation with which the United States has a trade and navigation agreement; Have invested, be active in the process of investing, a sizeable sum of money in a legitimate American business; and be looking to enter the country with the express intent of growing and managing the investment business. 

    To consider one as an investor, Investment is defined as the treaty investor’s business risk-taking of capital, including money and/or other assets, with the aim of making a profit. Businesses need to be active, a firm must engage in some type of active commercial activity, such as running a beauty salon, a restaurant, or a construction company. The enterprise cannot be a passive one, such as owning a house that is rented out to only one tenant. An E2 visa would not be granted for a passive investment.

    Digital services are almost a must-have to prove that you are trying to excel with your business, and in fact, is very likely that you will need a Google Ads campaign, social media strategy, a website, your brand, and many other marketing services to be profitable in the way that the US expects.

    A significant sum of money needs to be invested

    Significant in comparison to the overall cost of either buying an existing business or starting a new brand; Sufficient to guarantee the treaty investor’s financial commitment to the enterprise’s successful functioning; A size that confirms the probability that the treaty investor will successfully plan and run the business. 

    You must have a big effect on the US economy with your investment capital. It shouldn’t just cover your family’s expenses. The business you are investing in shouldn’t be merely a minor one. Within five years of the date, you start your business activity, the anticipated future earnings must be achieved. Keep in mind that merely intending to invest or keeping monies in your bank account without being committed will not be regarded as an investment. At least 50% of the company must be owned by E2 treaty investors, giving them operational control.


    Whether you decide to start your own brand or buy a business, nowadays when most things are done online,  you must have an online presence not only to prove that your business exists but to really succeed. A professional website, a brand, online advertising, social media, apps, and more. You need to have your email set up and create your brand to look professional and attract more customers.

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