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    Digital services and their importance in 2023

    Since the majority of buying and selling now takes place online, it is crucial for all companies to establish a clear and noticeable online presence.

    8 out of 10 consumers use search engines to find the products they want to buy, and they choose the one that appears first and best in their results. Everyone naturally places their trust in a brand or business that Google or another search engine promotes. It is impossible for an individual to locate the target audience with ease so that they can be addressed directly. That’s one of the reasons why digital agencies exist. Check below some agency services for 2023:



    In addition to agencies’ normal offerings of SEO, pay-per-click, and social media advertising, some digital agencies, like Webegin, also provide site design services and teaches how to sell web design services. However, it’s common for agencies to not offer this service entirely in favor of concentrating solely on digital marketing. Many agencies believe that web design is difficult, useless, or just not profitable. It’s important, and obvious, to remember that a website is required to run high-conversion campaigns, and usually knowing the tech behind the marketing is much more efficient to explore opportunities. If the agency has this service, it not only can help you to draw more clients to your website, but it can also do the same for your app. Not to mention that having all the services under the same company can be much more efficient and lower your costs.

    As mentioned, a Website is necessary for the operation and conversion of the three primary digital marketing services SEO, pay-per-click, and social media advertising.

    Pay-per-click (Ads)

    With more than 2 billion websites, do you think that your brand-new website will rank first? Or that website that you don’t touch for months or years? This is a very competitive place, and you must invest if you want to get more traffic.

    While many entrepreneurs are afraid of investing in Ads, they are a very effective way to grow your business. Always keep in mind, the biggest business wasn’t profitable for years, they always invested all their profits and more to reach exponential growth. You don’t need to follow the exact same path, and that’s okay, but investing in ads to be profitable sounds like a basic rule to grow digitally.

    Of course, don’t forget that in order to properly work, pay-per-click advertisements need a landing page or website that people can go to, but it goes much further than that.

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Starting from the basics, if you don’t have a domain indexed and listed on search engines like google, you basically can’t have an SEO strategy because there isn’t something to optimize.

    The very common scenario is businesses with websites that aren’t particularly SEO-friendly; whether they were built using a platform that doesn’t enable most optimizations or they have too many problems. Many times it’s preferable to start from scratch when developing an SEO plan, but it really depends on each case. The agency should consider case by case.

    Social Media campaigns

    There are many social media but the most important ones work similarly like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok. Each social media can lever the right audience if done properly. They follow a similar approach to a website, you must have a combination of content + ads to leverage your wins.

    Facebook and Instagram Ads can demand a site to connect to depending on the purpose of the campaign, just like Google Ads. It’s preferable to link to the website, where conversion rates can be higher and much more personalized.


    If you don’t know what a chatbot is: a chatbot is a piece of software or a code that automates communication with users. Artificial intelligence powers more sophisticated bots, they can be programmed with responses and conversational flow diagrams. A chatbot can save a lot of time and money for companies in several perspectives such as support, appointments, and sales.

    Nowadays, you probably used one and maybe even realized that was a machine and not a person as the technology gets better and more trained.

    Technology, integrations, and optimization

    It’s expected that many online services are not really using the possibilities that technology gives us. For instance, if you didn’t hear about APIs, it’s a simple (and kind of traditional) way for systems to communicate with each other. We must examine the data that is accessible from each system before we may merge two or more systems. Then, to make sure the right information is getting to you where you need it, we can build a means to map the data. Lastly, we create a system integration that can synchronize the systems. Better integrated systems offer a wealth of advantages for your company. In particular, it saves you time and money, gains a lot of performance, and avoids mistakes when performing offline tasks or manual data entry.


    It can be hard to keep up with everything that you need to do in the digital world, and in trying to be on top of the tasks, you always need to learn new things as the online world is progressing fast. The better option is to centralize your options in one single company that offers everything you need, as we call a full-agency like Webegin. Contact us today to know more!