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    Branding Books You Need to Read

    Here are 5 books on branding to help you learn more and boost your business. See which one you like the most and happy reading!

    1- Digital Branding: Strategies, tactics, and Tools to Boost Your Business in the Digital Age – By Daniel Rowles (Author)

    Livros sobre Branding que você precisa ler

    Created by Daniel Rowles, CEO of Target Internet and founding director of Digital Leadership, the book exposes the most relevant themes of digital marketing, divided into 16 chapters filled with techniques and tools to maximize results.

    Among the topics presented are: strategies for building digital branding, users’ journey in the online environment, search engines, research, online advertising, policies and practices for social networks, CRM, and automation tools, among others.

    In short, the book presents tips and insights to prepare professionals and entrepreneurs to build brand management in an increasingly digital world.


    2- Branding: a manual for you to create, manage and evaluate brands – By José Roberto Martins

    Livros sobre Branding que você precisa ler

    This work is nothing more than a highly practical guide for professionals and entrepreneurs to learn the steps and insights needed to build and manage a brand with concrete foundations.

    In addition, José Roberto Martins also tells stories of companies that failed because they did not have an effective branding strategy.

    The book also addresses topics such as: positioning, corporate identity, Brand Equity, brand recognition, methodologies, and assessments, among others.


    3- Branding: Brand Management – By Alice M. Tybout and Tim Calkins

    Livros sobre Branding que você precisa ler

    In this book, the authors present an overview with multiple voices and views, from both academics and brand builders, on the challenges, concepts, positioning, and strategies that are necessary to build effective branding!

    The work also highlights the importance of delivering a satisfactory experience to customers and the need for all professionals to be involved in this process.

    To further help readers, the authors have gathered templates, checklists, and other tools that can contribute to building assertive branding.


    4- Branding + design: the strategy in creating brand identities – By Sandra Ribeiro Cameira

    Livros sobre Branding que você precisa ler

    Addressing the relationship between Branding and Design through cases and conceptual questions, the author Sandra Ribeiro Cameira presents photos, illustrations, and elements that contribute to the knowledge about the process of building brand identity.

    For this, she interviewed designers, architects, and branding specialists, who shared their experiences.


    5- Storybrand: Create clear messages and draw customers’ attention to your brand – By Donald Miller

    In this book, the author Donald Miller, presents the SB7 method in a clear and objective language, composed of 7 elements for the construction of a powerful storytelling for your branding.

    The work also exposes powerful and real stories that teach you how to improve your relationship with consumers and consequently expand your business.