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    “Ads do not work”​

    Do you know the goose that lays the golden eggs of Google?

    The question is directed both to people who have used Adwords as those who have heard of this powerful tool. According to Google itself, Adwords accounts for more than 75% of its revenue and according to Google Investor Relations about 97% come from advertisements which includes Adwords.  In this graph you can see the growth revenue from Ads, it is clear that something beneficial this tool must have since it is the largest revenue generator of one of the largest companies in the world. Only Amazon has spent more than $ 150 million on Ads in 2016, and many other companies also spend millions and increasingly spend more.

    If you do a quick search on google itself, you will find many tutorial sites on how to use and get started. Turning a few pages you will see many texts of the main mistakes and also testimonials of people who did not obtain results. Is there a problem?

    The internet enables us to learn a lot, gives us many resources that were previously not possible, and it is up to us to select what is really relevant and what is not. With so much information is being created experts after reading an explanation page on any subject. Particularly, I am totally in favor of who is self-taught, but at the same time it is necessary to know how to research, to be very careful about what you reads, transmits and applies.


    “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

    – Stephen Hawking


    It happens more often with small and new businesses that do not have as much money to invest in a professional and tend to learn on their own by applying their expertise in their business. Maybe you know someone who already said they would not invest in Ads again because it did not work, or that it was not worth it. But is Ads the problem? Or does the problem lie in how the tool was used? All data indicate that the likely answer is the second.

    You can find a lot of error in Ads just searching a little. Look this, Minioseta?

    Making a little analogy, I once had a problem with my car, and I had to call a mechanic. It took about 10 minutes to solve the problem which was a small defective part. He told me “to change the piece was simple, but to know it is $X”, that is, the experience and knowledge of a good professional has a price that will probably bring you more time and money.

    I will not list the main errors or the main benefits of Ads, you can find it easily at Google. Just make a good research or hire a good professional, then you will see value in this tool, I promise.

    Many advertising tools are popping up like Facebook / Instagram Ads, while all of this is very affordable, everything also comes with a price. Spending a little less on ads to do on your own, without having resulted instead of doing with a professional that has result, can make a lot of difference. Think about it, let the experts do their job and focus on what you’re best at, it’s a simple rule of productivity.

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